Professional hairdressing salon in Torbay

Feeling beautiful on the outside will help your inner beauty shine through!

If you're looking for Torbay's experts in professional hair styles and beauty treatments then look no further! The Cutting Room is the hairdressing salon that will help you find a fashionable solution to all your beauty needs and lavish you with attention while we're at it. We're here to make you feel great!

Give our professional team a call today to book a consultation or appointment in Torbay. We are always happy to help you in any way we can.

Hair cut, colour & design

washing hair in hairdressing salon in Torbay

Professional colourists and hairdressers in our hairdressing salon are here to help you. We are trained in inspired design and can help you find a new look. We will work together with you to find the ultimate style for you right now. We understand that you need a style that suits your face shape; colour that suits your style and skin tone; a fashionable design, and something that you can manage every day at home.

Makeup and styling

eye makeup

Find any excuse you can to be pampered in our hairdressing salon! If you have a special occasion coming up, you should start it by relaxing at The Cutting Room. Settle into our comfy chairs and be lavished with attention. We'll take care of all the fussing for you, with our expert makeup and hair styling services. Try to bring in pictures of professional hair styles and make up that you like so we have something solid to work with.

Luxury extras

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We are Torbay's answer to all your hair and beauty needs, in one place! Have your eyebrows perfectly shaped and your lashes extended or tinted to frame those beautiful eyes. Spoil yourself and revitalise your hair with a rejuvenating hair treatment and scalp massage. We can remove hair from all your delicate areas with minimal fuss. We also stock a wide range of amazing products for you to take home.